Hun Tool & Projects cc have developed a team of specialists within the industry heading up the different departments for Engineering, Tooling, Manufacture and Assembly. What separates Hun Tool & Projects cc from the rest of the market is our passion to be the best, and the best within South Africa’s Manufacturing.

Hun Tool & Projects cc are a first-class quality and service manufacturer of metal, plastic and textile products and components.

We aim to manufacture these products to the highest quality as efficiently as possible, ensuring our customers receive the very best service and product fulfilment beyond that of any within our industry. We will do this by following our systems of management whilst engaging in continual improvement in everything that we do. We offer more than just these services, providing the perfect solution to developing, innovating and growing a business’s product portfolio.

Unlike many others, we also have a vision for our future:

Hun Tool & Projects cc will develop into an internationally renowned business for product manufacturing with a world class ability and reputation.
We will engage in strategic partnerships with our customers and develop a deep understanding of their products, business and technical requirements, using our knowledge and innovation to provide the very best design and manufacturing fulfilment for all their existing and future products.
We will become an integral part of each of our customers’ business model and will aim to be the only company they would consider for all their projects and business needs.

From Concept to Creation